Wendy's Descent into Submission Ch. 01

Her eyes betrayed her, luminous green orbs sparkling in the nearly dark room, as a small whimper escaped her parched throat. She knew the moment she locked eyes with him on that fateful day, she would be powerless against his will, and that realization had both frightened and excited her. As her mind drifts back to that fateful moment, an involuntary shiver flutters down her spine.

It was like any other day at her office, a pile of paperwork to finish, countless meetings where nothing is accomplished and the spectre of yet another evening stuck in rush hour traffic. Her eyes nearly watering with the constant staring at her computer screen, her hazelnut coffee long since gone cold, she resigned herself to yet another day lost in the drudgery. A sharp rap on her office door snaps her out of her trance, she looks up to see Leslie grinning at her. "Hey Wendy, impromptu meeting in the conference room in 5, Jim's introducing the new head of our department. You think he'll be cute?"

"I'd settle for him having all his teeth, some hair and the ability to keep his eyes above our chests', she spat back, followed by a quick laugh and head nod from Leslie.

Checking herself in the mirror in the ladies room, she almost didn't recognize the woman looking back. Her lustrous brown curls appeared almost lifeless, her shining green eyes seemed dull and vacant. When had she decided to give up on her wardrobe too? The drab, gray pencil skirt blended right into the off-white blouse and gray blazer. "Get your shit together, girl......there's a whole world out there for you, don't let one selfish asshole ruin it for you", she thought. Since Justin had packed up and left, claiming his need to "find himself" in California, she had just gone through the motions of daily life. She had thrown all of herself into their relationship, and had lost her own identity when they split.

Shuffling into the conference room, she managed to find a chair near the corner of the room, as far away from the excited chattering and constant stream of gossip coming from the office loudmouths.

"Good afternoon, everyone!" Jim's booming but friendly voice echoed through the room. "Please have a seat, I have an announcement to make. As you all know, Howard had to take an early retirement due to health reasons. The good news is, we've found a fantastic replacement. The gentleman's name is Eric, and he's been running our Chicago office for the last 5 years. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome."

She sensed him before she saw him, his gaze wandered the room until it locked on hers, her breath escaped in a gasp as those ice blue blues seemed to burn into her brain. She felt a flush creeping through her body, her skin felt like it was burning.

"What's happening to me?" she wondered. She could see the corners of his lips curl ever so slightly into a smile as his mesmerizing gaze never wavered. Visions of herself bent over her desk being taken by Eric flashed through her mind like lightning bolts crashing through the sky. Racing through her head like a highlight reel, each vivid scene causing tingling throughout her body. Feeling the wetness trickling down the inside of her thigh shocked her back into reality as she realized her panties were soaked.

The rushing in her ears had finally slowed to the point where she could again take in her surroundings, and she was mortified that she'd been noticed, but the only person in the room looking at her was Eric. She began to assess him as her eyes became focused, tearing herself away from his gaze.

He was probably somewhere between 5'10" and 5'11", thick, broad shoulders and arms that were straining the fabric of his suit jacket. His sandy blond hair in contrast to his dark blonde beard with flecks of gray mixed in. Wendy suddenly felt the urge to smell him, she wanted...no, needed to fill her nostrils with his scent. What was going on? She hadn't been interested in socializing, much less dating, any men since Justin had left. Now, here she was, fawning over this newcomer like a schoolgirl crush!

"Snap out of it, Wendy!" she mentally yelled at herself. Still, the strange, lingering feeling she had about Eric would not leave her mind. The only word that she could think of to describe it would be "hypnotic", and that thought sent a bead of sweat down her brow.

Becoming vaguely aware the room was emptying, Wendy looked up and realized he was gone, and that realization brought a twinge of sadness and relief to her. Shaking her head, she made her way back to her office and plopped down heavily in her chair. Despite her jumbled thoughts, there was still a lot of work to do, besides...the work would be a welcome distraction from the increasingly lucid scenes of her and Eric running though her head.

Wendy had slept the sleep of the dead the night before. An exhausting day had produced an early night, and she was relieved that today was Friday. Absently sipping her coffee, she pulled into a parking spot and walked towards the building.

She chuckled to herself remembering how she'd actually taken the time to pick out her outfit this morning, made the effort to brush her hair out and had applied more than the bare minimum of makeup that had been her standard for so long. The sheer black stockings under her skirt were new as well, not having seen the light of day in months. Also gone were the flat, boring shoes she'd had glued to her feet for ages, replaced with her black 2 inch heels.....fuck comfort, she wanted to rivet some eyeballs today.

Having cleared a large chunk off her incoming stack this morning, Wendy was decidedly chipper as she made her way to the break room late morning. She stood next to the window, enjoying the view of the public park across the street while she stirred her fresh cup of coffee. She was thinking of finally dusting off her bike and going for a ride in the park this weekend when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. That familiar shiver snaked its way down her spine as her hands trembled.

Suddenly, she could smell him, her nostrils flared with desire as she drank his scent in. She could feel her pulse racing and her breath caught in her throat as his warm breath caressed the back of her neck.

"Hello Wendy...it's a pleasure." the words half-whispered with a deep, smoky voice that flooded her panties yet again. "You felt it, didn't you?" he whispered.

She was surprised to realize his arm was now wrapped around her waist and he had gently pulled her against him. She was stumbling through a mental fog, but felt something being placed in her hand. "Call it, and be ready when you do. I'll see you soon." he softly growled into her ear. Her knees nearly buckled when his lips scraped across her earlobe as he delivered those final words.

"What is he doing to me?", that question bouncing around in her mind as she half-stumbled back to her office. She was still trembling as she collapsed into her chair. Closing her eyes, she felt like she had as a young girl, spinning wildly on the carnival rides, feeling euphoric and nearly out-of-control.

Slowly, her breathing returned to normal, her hands ceased to tremble and her pulse slowed. The knock on her door shook her out of her thoughts, as Leslie's curly mop popped out from behind the door.

"Hey, there's a group of us headed out tonight to grab drinks, wanna join us? I guess Eric is wanting to do an informal meet-and-greet outside of the office, he thinks there will be less pressure and more relaxed for everyone." said Leslie.

So much for trying to relax, Wendy thought to herself. "Yeah, sure......what time?" asked Wendy.

"Around 7 at the new place 2 blocks over, see ya there!" chirped Leslie as she disappeared from sight. Wendy let out a sigh as she turned her attention back to her computer.













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